Access To Capital

One of the biggest issues faced by small businesses and entrepreneurs is the inability to access sufficient capital and/or credit.

Although, improving in recent months, number of loan qualifications for small businesses still remain below pre-recession levels. Given that about two-thirds of small businesses whom seek capital report that a loan is their expected source of financing, this trend is holding back our nation’s job creators, and in turn slowing down the nation’s economic recovery. Small businesses employ half of the private sector, create two-thirds of new jobs, and account for more than 40 percent of contribution to the gross domestic product.

In order for small businesses to have the potential to gain access to capital their business need to run successfully. That’s where ICON CDC comes in.

ICON offers financing assistance and advice that will increase the likelihood to qualify for a small business loan.

The advice includes:
  • Loan Qualifications and Requirements
  • Credit Counseling
  • Loan Packaging Assistance
  • Financial Re-structuring
  • Financial Planning Needs
  • Alternative Financial Assistance
  • SBA Loans

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