California Champions League: Making a positive impact on the community

On October 4, 2013 Oliquer Olivar walked into ICON CDC with an idea and the motivation to make that idea into a reality. In an individual consultation with Joshua Gonzales, here at ICON, Oliquer expressed his dream of starting up his own competitive adult soccer league in the San Fernando Valley. He stated he had played in a number of adult soccer leagues after high school; however he was never satisfied with the organization or competition provided by these leagues.

Oliquer had played organized soccer since he could walk, and therefore understood what it took to make up a competitive and organized league. With that said, he took it upon himself to create a league that provided those players coming out of high school with an organized league that gave them the same level of competition they were used picture

This was no easy task to accomplish, nonetheless with Oliquer’s drive and ICON’s resources and support, California Champions League was now open for business!

ICON started off helping Oliquer with his business plan. The business plan was able to give Oliquer a strategic map that would guide him through the process of starting his soccer league. ICON was also able to help him receive his fictitious name permit (DBA) as well as Business Tax Registration Certificate (BTRC). Overall, ICON also served as a mentor to Oliquer through the process, making sure he was always staying motivated and on track, “I first saw this league as something I would start in the future, however ICON pushed me to set goals for myself and helped me realize this did not have to wait for the future” said Oliquer.

California Champions League held its first day of scheduled games on March 9, 2014 and is currently up and running at Woodland Hills Academy in Woodland Hills. Congratulations to Oliquer!! We wish you much success!!