Youth Entrepreneur Success: Brendan Thompson

The City of L.A. Business Source – ICON CDC is proud to share the upcoming business event from one of our Youth Entrepreneur Training Program graduates, Brendan Thompson.
Brendan Thompson, at only 17 years old participated in our Youth Entrepreneur Training Program last summer where he learned about entrepreneurship, career development and leadership. By the end of the program Brendan Thompson completed his own business plan, had an up-to-date professional resume and gained the leadership skills needed to be a successful in the City of Los Angeles.
Brendan is the owner of his own business Freek Designs at only 18 years of age. He will be launching his biggest art show yet, GALA on Saturday, May 6th, 2017. We invite everyone to attend and support Brendan Thompson who embodies the potential that every youth in the City of Los Angeles is capable of.
From Brendan Thompson;
My name is Brendan Thompson and I created GALA to promote the arts in Los Angeles. Over the summer I participated in ICON CDC’s Entrepreneurship Training Program where I further developed my screenprinting business called Freek Designs and began to flesh out the idea for GALA. For years I’ve wanted to start a community arts center and at the ETP I got to think about it a lot more. After the program, I had the idea to start throwing art shows to get my arts center idea off the ground. Our May 6th show is titled CASA or Create and Share Art with performances by Cuco, The Cozzmos, Phovea, weird inside, Silver Maps, Good Boy, One Peeps, and Big Bad Giant. This is a true art show with many vendors and activities for everyone.Two rooms will be dedicated to vendors, two for the bands, we will have a disco room with two performances, a movie room, an arts room, and a crafts room.
We hope to see you May 4th from 6 PM until 10 PM at Pop Music Studios!