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We have a variety of hands-on training programs for undergraduate or graduate students who are still in school. All offer a unique experience in one of the many exciting small business fields.

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What are the benefits of an ICON CDC Small Business internship?

Interns receive hands-on experience working with entrepreneurs and small business owners in a confidential and professional environment. They are required to work in a team environment with professional Business Advisors and are expected to offer solutions to real business problems.

The program allows students the opportunity to apply their educational, organizational and time management skills as they assist in solving business related issues.


What will I be expected to do?

  • You will be able to sit in on client meetings.
  • You will be able to assist the Business Consultants in gather data or information for clients, preparing market analysis and marketing plans and editing or writing business plans.
  • You will keep a daily journal and track your internship hours.

How will I be evaluated?

Interns will receive an orientation when they first arrive to ICON CDC, which will include review of required course tasks, expectations, and reporting requirements.

At the end of the internship, your Business Consultant will…


How do I apply for an internship at ICON CDC?

  • Make sure you will be available 4-5 hours a week;
  • Fill Out The Form Below
  • Attach Resume.

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