MK Partners

Los Angeles, fast on the heels of Silicon Valley, is one of the most
forward-thinking technology hubs in the United States,
and MK Partners is a prime example of this growth.
–Jose Cornejo, Business Consultant, ICON CDC

For nearly a decade, MK Partners has been on the cutting edge of IT consulting services. Since 2006, the company has performed over 700 custom implementations and built more than 25 applications, enabling clients to cut costs, keep jobs, and achieve higher rates of return through use of cloud-based services.

“We take great pride in the work we do,” said Matt Kaufman, Chief Technology Officer at MK Partners. “We strive to make it look easy, not only in the way we do our jobs, but also in the applications we build. MK partners performs all work in-house – we don’t subcontract, outsource or offshore. We take full responsibility, and credit, for our product and ensure the highest standards of quality for our customers.”

In 2013, MK Partners was ready to expand. After multiple attempts to obtain a loan from major banks and government agencies, Mr. Kaufman and MK Partners contacted the City of LA’s South Valley BusinessSource Center, operated by ICON Community Development Corporation.

As part of an ongoing effort to bolster economic development, the City of Los Angeles, in cooperation with nine community development centers, have provided thousands of startups and established small businesses with the resources and tools to grow and remain competitive. With the assistance of BusinessSource and the staff at ICON CDC, MK Partners has been able to purchase new office space, double their workforce and significantly expand operations.

This year alone, MK Partners has collaborated on over 130 new projects with dozens of clients, becoming a one-stop shop for everything from implementation and customization to integration and training.

Matt Kaufman and MK Partners are active members of the Universal City North Hollywood Chamber of Commerce, and are helping to put LA’s tech industry on the map by presenting at DreamForce’s annual technology and business development conference this October.

We are far and away the most innovative cloud consulting firm in Los Angeles, constantly setting new standards in efficiency and making the future happen.

—Matt Kaufman, Chief Technology Officer, MK Partners

In cooperation with LA BusinessSource, ICON CDC assisted MK Partners in acquiring a new building in North Hollywood that has allowed the company to retain and create dozens of jobs.


*Scroll for a brief interview with Matt Kaufman, Chief Technology Officer, MK Partners*

ICON CDC: MK Partners is a model of innovation and business development in Los Angeles. What are some of the major factors that have contributed to your success?
MK: From the very beginning, we made a decision to put our employees first.  We do everything we can to ensure that our employees are happy and excited about their work.  At least once a day an employee shows off something new they figured out to help a client.  Our prospects and clients see this excitement and it gives them confidence in us and the work we do.

ICON CDC: Can you describe the values or ethics that have guided your business model and/or progress?
MK: A passion for technology, a compulsion for innovation and a commitment to customer service.  These values are what set us apart and allow us to continuously outperform our competition.

Can you tell us a bit about your experience working with ICON? Did the organization sync well with your company’s values and objectives?
MK: Working with ICON was a pleasant change from working with the major banks and other agencies. Everyone else treated us like they were doing us a favor by just talking to us. ICON made us feel welcome and appreciated.  I wish we could work with ICON for all of our business needs.

ICON CDC: What efforts have you taken to give back and empower this community?
MK: We are constantly recruiting new members for our team. We’re not interested in creating jobs in Silicon Valley. We’re interested in spurring growth in Los Angeles, so that’s where we focus our efforts.  We hire for entry-level positions and provide all the necessary training.  We’ve also provided discounted services to nearly a hundred non-profits, most of which are located in Los Angeles.

ICON CDC: Based on your experience, has the culture and/or environment for technology start-ups in Los Angeles changed over the last 10 years?
MK: Yes, definitely.  There’s a mini-tech boom in the Santa Monica area that is fostering a culture of technology.  We see more established companies in Los Angeles following suit and upgrading their IT infrastructure to use newer technologies.  The result is a greater awareness of how technology can improve businesses and a larger talent pool.

ICON CDC: It’s been mentioned that MK Partners would like to begin creating its own products. Have you made any strides in this direction?
MK: We actually just completed development of two products.  The first is an application that synchronizes Salesforce with Quickbooks, the second is an application that automatically performs backups of your Salesforce data to Google’s Cloud Platform.  Both are available for install from AppExchange.

ICON CDC: What advice would you give a young person looking to start up their own technology company?
MK: First, to be successful you have to be willing to sacrifice your time, money, personal life, pride and much more.  Don’t start unless you’re passionate about it, and willing to put it ahead of everything else.  Second, it’s the hardest job you’ll ever have, so don’t do it alone. Get help from people you trust. Remember, it’s people, not just ideas, that make businesses succeed.

ICON CDC:  Where do you see MK Partners 10 years down the road?
MK:  We will continue to grow our consulting practice and start producing our own products as well.  We want to be voted as the best place to work in Los Angeles.