This year’s Youth Entrepreneur Program aims to provide a FREE 7 week youth development and leadership skills program aimed at supporting and empowering the City of L.A.’s youth. (16-24yrs old) The program will provide engaging and activity-based workshops that will provide participants the skills needed to begin a successful career and start their own business. The youth will learn about the different types of business entities, licenses/permits, how to strategically market their services/product, the importance of networking and communication, social skills, how to manage finances (personal/business), the importance of access to capital and credit, and the creation of their individualized business plan and resume.
The program is being supported by L.A. Mayor, hosted by the State Assembly, organized/planned and facilitated by the Economic & Workforce Development Department, City of L.A. Business Source, and ICON CDC.
The program will take place at the Van Nuys State Building located at 6150 Van Nuys Blvd, Van Nuys, CA 91401
Every Thursday from 5pm-8pm starting on June 22nd through August 10th. If you would like to sign up or would like to sign up your daughter/son, relative, or friend please fill out the following form or contact Eric Lara at 818-894-8800 or

Registration is now CLOSED for Summer Program

The registration is officially now closed for this summer’s Entrepreneur Training Program but we will be having another training this fall. If you’d like more information please email us at or fill out the registration below and an ICON CDC representative will contact you with further information.

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